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and assembling

...sheet systems for all types of facilities, residential and business spaces.

We - Kr ltd. is the right choice in these fields for

  • ...Solutions for all your problems
  • ...Individual solutions for any area
  • ...Overall a perfect system
  • ...Functional and flexible solutions
  • ...Reliable, high quality and fast solutions
  • ...Comprehensive possibilities
  • ...Practical and aesthetic solutions for noise protection
  • ....Perfection that you can see



Panel systems

Panel systems offer the best optical and technical solutions, without you having to consent to any compromise. Structure such as self-sustained / carrying, dual side winged layered element, fulfils high statical requirements. The system is highly adaptable and can be used in any area.

The sum of all qualities this system produces a very broad program:
  • fire resistance, as required by regulation, of F30, F90 and F120 class
  • outstanding thermal insulation abilities
  • material core: stone fibre, construction material class A1
  • sound isolation of up to R'w 37dB
  • ceiling membranes are impenetrable to steam
  • systemic corners
  • width from 200 mm to 1180 mm
  • length up to 5900 mm
  • all materials used contain no silicone
  • versatile application capabilities
  • the perfect system for any area
  • mounted functionally
  • door system up to T90
  • entrance door system (single and folding door)
  • windows systems
  • profiles for joining and locking

Facility construction

We plan, construct, manufacture and assemble all types of cabins and metal constructions. Total achieve total precision with our CNC-guided cutting, bending and punching laser machinery.

Our goal is to fulfil the customers expectations and at the same time achieve maximum economy and efficiency. Even your personal wishes regarding customization and color can be fulfilled in our paint shop.

  • coating of machines and pads
  • workstations and cabins for paint and coating devices
  • advanced technology
  • rinsing, water walls
  • drying bays, heating power units, circular devices for painting and production of bricks
  • stabilisators for paper-handling machinery
  • complete rooms for very demanding manufacturing processes
Anything you can think of regarding interior metal sheeting we make possible, regardless of whether its an elevator, interior decoration or a stairway handlebar. We offer you every possible sheeting solution:
  • air conditioning units
  • bulkheads
  • pillars
  • side walls
  • ceilings
  • elevators
  • heating bodies
  • and any other special sheeting requirement